• What is Spoke?
    Spoke is an online legal marketplace designed to find great flexible lawyers for particular projects. It connects lawyers with capacity directly with the teams that want to work with them. Created by the people that brought you Lawyers On Demand (LOD), it makes remote flexible lawyering efficient and easy but in a human way. It’s a response to how clients have told us they want to work and to the changes happening in the industry.
  • How does Spoke work?
    You can use Spoke to make a job request. Using the platform, you submit the requirements of your project confidentially. Your project manager will put together a list of great lawyers that can be made available to you via LOD, with day rates or fixed prices according to your request. Once you have chosen a lawyer for your job LOD will manage the appointment and billing process.
  • Who are the lawyers on Spoke?
    Lawyers on Spoke come from top universities, firms and companies and have passed our approval process. They include hundreds of tried and tested LOD lawyers and others contract lawyers working flexibly, as well as some of the best barristers, consultants and niche practitioners. Some run their own practices and others may mix law with other areas of business. Many simply just want to practice law more flexibly and autonomously.
  • Who's using Spoke
    Spoke is designed for businesses that want a simple process to find top lawyers for task-based assignments, often at a fixed price. By way of example, Spoke can be used for support on a special project by an in-house legal team of a multinational corporation or a commercial contract review by a growth technology business or ad hoc support for the local offices of an international law firm.
  • Who sees the jobs that I post?
    Any job that you post will only be viewed by approved Spoke lawyers identified by us. This can be anonymous - we only share your identity with Spoke lawyers when you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Is there a fee for hirers to use Spoke?
    It’s completely free to join Spoke as a hirer and submit job requests. You will be provided with one or more proposals from suitable legal professionals who you can appoint through LOD. In each case you will see the final fee you will be charged by LOD as a fixed price or on day rates according to your needs. For more information on pricing see here. There are is no additional fee to use the platform.
  • When and how do I pay for the work?
    LOD will invoice you after the job is completed or monthly in arrears for jobs that last more than one month. LOD takes care of paying the lawyer the fee that LOD has agreed with them.
  • Who is Spoke and what is the relationship with Lawyers On Demand?
    Spoke is a separate company in the Lawyers On Demand (LOD) group, majority owned by international law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP. Spoke operates the online platform that enables you to find flexible lawyers for your job. When you choose to engage a lawyer they will be appointed through LOD so you deal with a single trusted entity backed by a team that can support you through the appointment and invoicing process.
  • What is your vetting and approval process for lawyers on Spoke?
    We have handpicked each lawyer on the Spoke platform from a large number of applications, based on their skills and past experience. For those that make the cut we undertake further a vetting process, which differs according to whether the lawyer is also part of LOD’s standard service (LOD Lawyers) or is available only for jobs on Spoke.
  • I already have a law firm so why do I need Spoke?
    Our clients typically have an in-house lawyer or legal team and most already have a relationship with one or more law firms. They use Spoke to supplement their needs. There will be tasks or project work that can be done much more efficiently and cost effectively outside of the traditional law firm infrastructure. Spoke can quickly provide you with fixed price quotes for most types of legal work from a network of hundreds of selected lawyers so you can compare quality and ensure you are getting competitive market rates. We encourage you to try it out – there is no platform fee and it is quick to “submit a project” on the site.
  • Is Spoke secure?
    We have built Spoke with careful consideration of security and confidentiality. Spoke uses SSL technology to ensure all data transfers are secure and private.
  • Which jurisdictions do you cover?
    Spoke is currently designed primarily for UK work and lawyers with a UK qualification. However, we are open to applications from clients in any jurisdiction where they need access to UK qualified lawyers.

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