• What is Spoke?
    Spoke is an online legal marketplace designed to give you great work to fill the gaps in your schedule. It connects lawyers with capacity directly with the teams that want to work with them. Created by the people that brought you Lawyers On Demand (LOD), it makes legal projects efficient and easy but in a human way. It’s a response to how lawyers have told us they want to work and to the changes happening in the industry.
  • How does Spoke work?
    You create your profile on Spoke. Hirers submit job requests and Spoke’s search algorithm matches the job to suitable lawyers based on the information in their profile. Where your skills and experience match the job request the Spoke project manager may put your profile forward to the Hirer, checking with you to see if you are available and interested in the job in question. The Hirer can then review the relevant profiles and is able to request quotes. If requested you then submit a fee proposal. If successful LOD will contract with the Hirer and you will undertake the work for the Hirer through LOD.
  • What sort of lawyers are on Spoke?
    Spoke is a place for flexible lawyers and other legal professionals with capacity to connect with potential clients. You control when and where you work and there's no need to change your current work status - Spoke sits alongside that. If you have control over some all or all of your working time then Spoke is designed for you - flexible lawyers, barristers, niche practitioners and legal consultants have already joined.
  • What happens when I first apply?
    We can’t take all lawyers on Spoke, but will do our best to come back quickly to everyone who applies. If you are accepted then we will provide you with a link to log in and create your profile.
  • Who can see my profile?
    Only organisations approved by Spoke can join as hirers to submit job requests. Those hirers include major in-house legal teams and leading law firms. They will not see your profile or CV unless you have approved that for a particular client or job. Your Spoke profile is not otherwise visible to anyone else.
  • What sort of work and clients can I access through Spoke?
    Spoke is designed predominantly for remote flexible working. This could be anything from a special project supporting a multinational legal team to overflow work for a growth technology business or ad hoc support for the local office of an international law firm. It’s always your choice whether to accept a job and there’s no minimum amount of work you have to do.
  • What about regulation and insurance - do I need to work through a law firm?
    We don't require you to have your own insurance. If a client chooses your proposal for an assignment and you successfully win work on Spoke, you will be made available to the client via LOD and be covered by LOD’s professional indemnity insurance.
  • How does the day rate work?
    You can set your day rate as you wish and change it for new jobs whenever you want. Your ‘day rate’ equates to 8 hours of work and can be worked any time or split across multiple days as you wish. However, for many assignments on Spoke you will be asked for a fixed price quote.
  • How do fixed price quotes work?
    Many job requests submitted on Spoke will be asking for fees on a fixed price basis. It is up to you to decide on the fixed price you quote and any assumptions on which it is premised, based on the time you estimate is needed and the value you put on your time. It is your responsibility to get the time estimate right as you cannot charge more that the fixed price quote if you experience a time overrun in completing the assignment.
  • Is there a charge to Spoke lawyers?
    It is completely free to join Spoke, create your profile and receive job requests. There are is no additional fee to use the platform. As a lawyer you set your rate or quote what you want to be paid for the job (and there are no commission fees or deductions). We add our margin to cover operation of the platform and providing insurance and other benefits and then put our quote to the client. Where you win the work you will be appointed via LOD, you will be paid what you quoted and LOD will invoice the client and take care of chasing payment. This is documented in a separate “Assignment Notice” for each of the lawyer and the client (which also includes the detailed terms and conditions for the professional services).
  • Who is Spoke and what is the relationship with Lawyers On Demand?
    Spoke is a subsidiary company in the Lawyers On Demand (LOD) group, majority owned by international law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP. Spoke developed and operates the platform that enables hirers to find flexible lawyers for jobs. It gives you access to jobs submitted by hirers, helps match and support you through the appointment process. When selected by the hirer, lawyers are made available via LOD, giving the hirer a trusted entity with which to contract and which can handle the invoicing and payment arrangements.
  • When will I be paid?
    LOD will pay you after the assignment is completed or monthly in arrears for assignments that last more than one month, subject to you submitting timesheets and confirmation from clients that work is complete for fixed price assignments. LOD takes care of invoicing the client and chasing payment, giving you a significant cashflow benefit of working through Spoke.
  • Is Spoke secure?
    We have built Spoke with careful consideration of security and confidentiality. Spoke uses SSL technology to ensure all data transfers are secure and private.
  • Which jurisdictions does Spoke cover?
    Spoke is currently designed primarily for UK clients and for lawyers with a UK qualification. However, we are open to applications from lawyers and clients in other jurisdictions on a case by case basis.

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